Welcome To Our Gallery Of A Few Of Our Completed Projects

terrazzo floors555x417

Terrazzo is making a huge comeback!

Consisting of marble, quartz, granite, glass, mirror, metal, pearls, abalone shells, porcelain, and other suitable chips, it combines to create beautiful flooring installations.

We offer all the types of terrazzo installations:

  • thin-set, • epoxy resin-based • Venetian • rustic • Palladian • monolithic • bonded • sand cushion and more!

Limitless colors and patterns available. We can fabricate any design on-site. Offering pour-in-place terrazzo, or pre-cast terrazzo.

Exclusive Surfaces can handle any terrazzo project including floors, walkways, patios, stairs, and beyond. Both residential or commercial installations are available. Terrazzo offers the limitless possibility in both texture and form and will provide effortless maintenance year after year for generations.


Formerly known as the Continental Hotel in South Beach, FL, the new Nautilus Hotel brings back the classic look of what South Beach is all about.

A touch of class with a touch OF seaside glam. Pour in place 12k s.f. of epoxy terrazzo with a splash of mirror into the aggregate mix. Epoxy terrazzo 4" base at all areas to include around each column. Radius steps at the sunken bar area with additional Lapidus steps leading to more fun on the second floor of this grand hotel. The same sparkle at the exterior entry steps in pour in place cement terrazzo. Cobblestone pavers installed at driveway bring together class with power.

A kitchen area

If a structure can give a community a sense of being noticed and a sense of power, Fire Station No. 13 did just that for this fire station located on Northwest 79th street in Miami, FL. is one of the newest fire stations in Miami Dade County.

With great certainty, it provides many brave men and woman firefighters a place to call a home away from home. Every room within the fire station has poured in place epoxy terrazzo and the bathrooms with wall-to-wall tile installation with not a mundane pattern but with a playful feel. In addition, polished concrete with an appearance that of a fragile mirror. However, able to withstand the heavy daily traffic of fire trucks and heavy equipment.


Ever Since 1936, Sant Ambroeus has been offering an ambiance of high caliber and they knew they could not go wrong when they chose Exclusive Surfaces, Inc. to assist them in their flooring needs for their first Florida location.

Originally from Italy and having their Ristorante in Madison Ave, West Village, SOHO, Southampton, and their Coffee Bar at The Loews Regency Hotel, Sotheby's New York, it was vital that their first FLORIDA mark make an opening of great caliber. Multiple colors and exquisite design all in epoxy terrazzo made an impact in this well-respected and known establishment.

If ever in Palm Beach and you are looking to see firsthand the versatility of terrazzo, and enjoy a good beverage, coffee, or fine meal, Sant Ambroeus is unforgettable and just one of many examples of our exclusive workmanship.

A floor with branch designs

Epoxy Terrazzo with root waterjet cut designs. The organic contrast of the brown root against the vibrant white brings together the organic exterior world to the interior high end / high fashion world of the NOW. Bringing a feel of mother earth to the interior of this breath taking historical spot that is Pinecrest Gardens.

Novikov Walkway

Why details matter! NOVIKOV, Miami. Floor installation, base, pedestal & stairs by EXCLUSIVE SURFACES, INC.
Novikov Restaurant - 42,000 marble circles inserts throughout entire interior and exterior of splendid restaurant... epoxy terrazzo hugs each marble at the interior of restaurant and cementitious terrazzo at the exterior of restaurant to make this flooring one of the most unique floors in the heart of downtown Miami. Floor installation by Exclusive Surfaces. Inc.